Dry Eye Treatment

If your eyes are too dry, they likely feel irritated and may sting and burn. You may have redness and even watery eyes as a result of your dry eye. If you need eye care for your dry eye in the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas, the optometry professionals at Optical Expressions are ready to assist you. Following are a few tips from our eye doctor for preventing dry eye.


One way to avoid dry eye is to have a humidifier running in your home. Humidifiers put more water into the air so that your tears won't evaporate as quickly. This allows you to keep more moisture in your eyes, making you more comfortable. Each humidifier is rated for a specific number of square feet, so make sure that the model you buy is large enough for the room you will put it in. You may need more than one humidifier in your home to stay comfortable.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

It's important to get enough omega-3 fatty acids into your diet for many reasons and your eye health is one of them. If you don't have enough of them in your diet, dry eye can develop as a consequence. To add some to your diet, there is a wide range of foods that you can eat including sardines, walnuts, shellfish, flaxseeds, and more.

Eye Drops

Eye drops can be incredibly helpful for treating dry eyes. They may be over-the-counter or prescription drops that you use. If these are not effective, our optometrist may write you a prescription for specific eye drops. Eye drops can be used throughout the day to add moisture when it is needed. When you first visit our office, our eye doctor will assess your condition to determine the dry eye treatment methods that will benefit you the most.

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