Eye Infections

Eye infections can be very uncomfortable, to say the least. At times, they may become almost unbearable. At Optical Expressions, we offer three convenient locations in Scottsdale and Phoenix that provide comprehensive eye exams and eye infection treatments.


The Symptoms of an Eye Infection

When you have an eye infection, you will notice certain changes in the appearance of your eye. You may have some discharge that can be clear, yellow, or green. The white part of your eye may appear to be pink-colored. Your eyelids may become swollen and red or purple. You may experience crusty eyelashes and eyelids in the morning when you wake up. Other symptoms can include:

  • Pain when wearing contacts
  • Swollen lymph nodes near your eye on the infected side
  • Fever from the infection

What Causes an Eye Infection?

Infectious conjunctivitis or pink eye as it is commonly called is the most common eye infection. Blood vessels in the thin membrane on the outside of your eyeball become infected by either a virus or bacteria. This type of eye infection is very contagious for up to two weeks. You should schedule an appointment with an optometrist quickly so you don't infect your friends or family.

Keratitis happens when your cornea is infected. It is the clear layer that covers your iris and pupil. This infection can occur from an infection that is viral, fungal, bacterial, or parasitic or by an injury to the eye. This infection is very painful and you should seek help from an eye doctor or optometrist immediately for treatment.

Endophthalmitis is caused by an object penetrating your eye and then contracting a fungal or bacterial infection. This can occur after receiving eye surgery as well.

When your oil glands inside the eyelid at the base of your eyelashes become clogged, it causes a bacterial infection called blepharitis.

A stye is a pimple-like bump that develops in an oil gland on the outer edge of an eyelid. It can swell and become infected when it is clogged with dry skin cells and oil.

Trust the Doctors of Optometry at Optical Expressions

You can trust our professional team at Optical Expressions in Phoenix and Scottsdale with all of your eye care needs. We can see you quickly, perform an examination, and prescribe topical or oral medications to get your eye infection cleared up as soon as possible. Call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our optometrists at our Willo District office at (602) 254-3169, our Hilton Village office at (480) 998-1606, or our Esplanade office at (602) 224-5772.

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