Dry Eye Treatment in Phoenix and Scottsdale

Arizona’s dry climate can take a toll on your eyes, drying them out. Dry eye can be painful, interfere with your vision, and make wearing contacts nearly impossible.

Don’t live with dry eye—find relief at Optical Expressions. Our optometry experts have years of experience providing dry eye treatments in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and the surrounding areas.

What Causes Dry Eye?

Dry eye may develop when your eyes can’t make enough tears. Sometimes it stems from the eyes not making quality tears. If your eyes struggle to produce enough fluid or the fluid evaporates too rapidly, your eyes can quickly dry out.

Other causes may include:

Chronic health conditions such as thyroid disorders, lupus, or scleroderma
A vitamin deficiency
A side effect of medication
dry eye syndrome

How We Diagnose Dry Eye Syndrome

First, our eye doctor may ask about your symptoms and when they occur. You will usually have to undergo a comprehensive eye exam. Our eye doctor may also want to measure your tears and possibly evaluate their composition.

Our Dry Eye Treatment

To keep your eyes thoroughly hydrated, we may prescribe eye drops that you use as needed or on a regular basis. These prescription eye drops are better quality compared to over-the-counter alternatives.

Our eye doctor will also suggest lifestyle changes you can make to increase your comfort. Recommendations usually include taking breaks from looking at screens for prolonged periods and blinking more frequently.

If you can’t wear contact lenses or find them uncomfortable because of dry eye, our eye doctor can prescribe lenses that will hydrate without irritating your eyes.

TempSure Envi

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Optical Expression patients can find relief for their eyes and look good doing it, thanks to TempSure Envi. This non-invasive treatment is safe for all skin types and involves no chemicals or injections. The procedure can take as little as 20 minutes, and once it’s over, you are free to enjoy the rest of your day.

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Find Your Dry Eye Solution at Optical Expressions

At Optical Expressions, we provide quality solutions for dry eye that’ll improve your eye health. If you live in Phoenix, Scottsdale, or the surrounding areas, contact one of our offices to schedule an appointment with our highly-trained doctors.

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