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Look your best and see clearly with a pair of prescription eyeglasses from Optical Expressions. During your appointment, you can view our wide selection of frames, styles, and eyeglass coatings. To ensure you’re getting the best corrective lenses for your vision—start with an exam.

Eyeglasses and Optometry Exams

We use several eye tests to ensure a correct diagnosis. The first is a visual acuity test that determines how well someone can see near and far distances. A refraction test indicates if someone is myopic (nearsighted), hyperopic (farsighted), or astigmatic. Our doctors also test your depth perception and peripheral vision.

As part of your comprehensive eye exam, we test your color vision, perception, and eye-focusing ability. These tests show us your visual limitations and help our optometrists find a solution to correct your vision.

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Choosing Glasses

Choose from an array of styles, frames, and colors. We’ll help you choose which pair of glasses will complement your lifestyle and fits your preferences. We also provide different kinds of coatings for your eyeglasses, such as an anti-reflective coating that reduces glare spots.

If you are both farsighted and nearsighted, you may benefit from bifocals or progressive lenses. During your appointment, the doctor will review all the different eyewear options we provide so that you can find the
best pair.

Ever Thought About Contacts?

Need vision-correcting lenses but don’t want to wear eyeglasses? Check out our contact lens services.

Contact Lens Services
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We care about your vision and eye health as much as you do. Let us help you find the perfect pair of eyeglasses for you. Contact our Willo or Esplanade offices in Phoenix or Scottsdale.

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