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The retina is located in the back of your eye and is responsible for capturing light and sending signals to the brain. Did you know your retina can be a window into your overall health? It’s the only body part where blood vessels can be seen directly. That means your retina can clue you into eye conditions you may not be aware of and other health conditions like diabetes.

Eye exams can give your doctor a good idea of your eye health. However, a more thorough optomap imaging screening can lead to further discoveries critical to your overall health.

What Is Optomap Retinal Imaging?

Getting your eye thoroughly scanned for health problems sounds like a scary ordeal. However, optomap imaging:

Is quick and comfortable
Involves nothing touching your eye
Is a safe method for all your loved ones
Can be used as a permanent record for annual review
May eliminate the need for dilation

During an optomap retina exam, you will look into the device one eye at a time. There will be a flash of light, which is the device taking an image of your retina. It only takes about half a second to get the scan, and the results are immediate. Your eye doctor will review the results and show you a 3D scan model.

optomap imaging
retinal scan of the eye

Early Detection Can Lead To Successful Treatment

Several vision problems may begin early in life, making proper eye care vital to children’s vision. While a routine examination can help detect some eye conditions or disease, the optomap exam gives a better picture of the entire eye, front to the retina in the back. The retina, a collection of nerves that helps capture and transmit light to the brain so it can form an image, is a critical part of your vision.

Protect Your Child’s Vision With an Optomap Exam

The optomap gives your child’s doctor a more complete view—approximately 82%—of their retina in a single capture. No other eye exam gives this much detail.

How Optomap Imaging Can Help Your Vision

Staying ahead of potential health issues can be as easy as a half-second scan of your eye. Here are just some of the ways optomap can be beneficial for your vision and health.

Early detection can help you stay ahead of life-threatening diseases
Facilitates early protection from vision issues and loss
Optomap exams are far more thorough than your typical eye exam

In Less Than Half a Second

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If you’re experiencing eye conditions, have a family history of health and eye problems, or are just concerned about your family’s vision—schedule an appointment for optomap retinal imaging. Our optometrists want to help protect your vision and health.

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