Refractive Error Treatment

Over 150 million Americans live with a refractive error making it the most common vision problem. Despite the number of known reference error cases, there are likely some people who do not know they have one.

Outside of noticing visual issues, an eye exam is your best bet at determining whether you have a refractive error. If you do, our doctors can recommend several different solutions that’ll help you enjoy a clear vision.

An Eye Exam Symptoms

If you notice any of these refractive error symptoms, schedule an eye exam to help determine exactly what one you have. Here are some of the most common symptoms:

Double vision
Hazy vision
Glare or halos appearing around lights
Constantly squinting
Difficulty reading or looking at a computer screen
optometrist examining a man's eye

Types of Refractive Errors

Refractive errors can impact your vision in several ways. The way your vision is altered helps us determine which refractive error(s) you may have.

Risk Factors

Just about anyone is at risk of developing a refractive error. However, refractive errors usually appear early in childhood. If other members of your family have refractive errors, you may also be at risk for one. Schedule an eye exam to help you determine if you have a refractive error.

Refractive Error Treatments

You don’t have to live with poor vision from a refractive error. At Optical Expressions, we offer patients several great methods of correcting their vision. Whether you choose a conventional method like eyeglasses and contact lenses or want to know more about LASIK—our doctors are your go-to source of information.

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