Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, is a common refractive error. It occurs when the shape of your eye incorrectly bends light rays, making distant objects difficult to see. At our offices in Scottsdale and Phoenix, our doctors can diagnose your symptoms and help create a solution for you.

Who Is at Risk for Myopia?

Myopia can be passed down generationally. If one or both of your parents have myopia, you may be at greater risk. It can develop over time or very rapidly and often worsens during childhood and adolescence. Common myopia symptoms include:

Distant objects appear blurry
Squinting to see distant objects clearly
Headaches caused by eye strain while focusing on distant objects
Trouble seeing while driving, especially at night
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How We Diagnose Myopia

An annual eye exam is an easy, convenient, and proven diagnosis of myopia.

Our doctors will ask you to read letters on the Snellen eye chart during the exam. If you struggle to see the letters, our optometrists can do a refraction test. This helps our team determine your condition’s severity and what solution will help you see clearly.

How Is Myopia Treated?

We offer several myopia treatments. We’ll help you decide which one works best for your lifestyle, your preferences, and the severity of your condition. Our treatment options include:

optometrist performing eye exam

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If you have myopia or are starting to have trouble seeing distant objects, your vision doesn’t have to suffer—our experts can help. We can diagnose and treat myopia and various other eye and vision conditions.

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