Eye Allergies Treatment

Are you one of the 24.4 million Americans who suffer from seasonal allergies, like itchy, irritable eyes? Are over-the-counter medications not relieving your eye allergies? It can be a sign of an underlying optical issue that’s worse than your typical seasonal allergy.

How an Eye Exam Can Help

If over-the-counter treatment isn’t working, another condition may be causing your symptoms. You may be suffering from dry eye or an eye infection. To treat this, you’ll need the help of our top-notch optometrists.

At Optical Expressions, we’ll help you determine the exact cause of your eye allergy symptoms. After an eye exam, our optometrist will inform you of any treatments or prescriptions you may need and how to maintain your eye health. Our doctor can help you find relief from eye allergies and associated conditions.

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Ways to Combat Eye Allergy Symptoms

There are several ways to find allergy relief. The best and easiest way is to visit our office to have one of our specialists examine your eyes and symptoms. In the meantime, combat allergies by

Remaining indoors and keeping windows shut in the morning and early evening
Showering before going to bed, or at least washing your face
Washing your hands frequently
Moisturizing your eyes with artificial tear eye drops
Placing a cool compress on your eyes
Vacuuming your home daily to reduce dust or pet dander

Visit Us Today for Eye Allergy Relief

When it comes to eye allergies, consulting with our eye doctor is the way to go. For more information about eye allergies and more, contact Optical Expressions today. Our highly-trained optometrists are more than happy to assist you. Contact us today!

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