Eye Infection Treatment

Eye infections can be very uncomfortable, and even unbearable at times. If left untreated eye infections have the potential to worsen. Don’t delay seeking treatment. You can find a solution at any of our convenient locations in Scottsdale and Phoenix. All you need to do is schedule an appointment.

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Eye Infection Symptoms

Eye infections may change the appearance of your eye. You may have some discharge that can be clear, yellow, or green. The white part of your eye may appear to be pink-colored. Your eyelids may become swollen and red or purple. You may experience crusty eyelashes and eyelids in the morning when you wake up. Other common symptoms can include

Pain when wearing contacts
Swollen lymph nodes near your eye on the infected side
Fever from the infection
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Types of Eye Infections and Their Causes

Infectious Conjunctivitis or Pink Eye

Pink eye is the most common type of eye infection. It occurs when blood vessels in the thin membrane outside your eyeball become infected by a virus or bacteria. This type of eye infection is very contagious for up to two weeks. To prevent it from spreading to those around you and to find relief, schedule an appointment with our optometrists immediately.


This occurs when your cornea is infected, which is the clear layer that covers your iris and pupil. Keratitis can occur from viral, fungal, bacterial, or parasitic infection or from an eye injury. It’s quite painful, which means you’ll need relief immediately. Contact our optometrist for treatment.


If an object penetrates your eye and then contracts a fungal or bacterial infection, it can cause endophthalmitis. This can occur after receiving eye surgery as well.


This eye infection is the result of a clog in the oil glands inside the eyelid at the base of your eyelashes, causing a bacterial infection.

A Stye

Styes appear as a pimple-like bump that develops in an oil gland on the outer edge of an eyelid. It can swell and become infected when it is clogged with dry skin cells and oil.

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