Emergency Eye Care Services in Phoenix and Scottsdale

When facing an eye emergency, you don’t have time to wait in the emergency room. Save yourself time and high out-of-pocket costs and call Optical Expression at (602) 254-3169 right away.

Get Urgent Care for Most Eye Emergencies, Inluding:

Corneal abrasion (an eye scratch)
Foreign Bodies in the Eye
Severe Eye Pain or Redness
Itchy Eyes Caused By Allergies
Eye Infections (Like Pink Eye)
Distortion or Blurred Vision
Flashes or Floaters
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What to Do In an Eye Care Emergency?

Whether it’s an infection, an abrasion, or some other eye care emergency, your best course of action is to get it checked by an optometrist. In most cases, you should not attempt to fix the problem yourself as it may worsen.

Call us at (602) 254-3169 immediately in case of an emergency.

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