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Eyesight requires care and attention to ensure proper eye development throughout a lifetime. To give your family the best chance of good vision for a lifetime, take them to see our family eye doctors. We’re your family’s one-stop shop for all things eye care.

Childhood Eye Care Needs

Vision is vital for children’s development. About one in four children suffer from vision issues that make learning harder. Visual issues make it hard for your child to see clearly during classroom lessons, which may have a lasting effect on their development. To help protect their vision, our optometrists offer eye exams for children as young as six months.

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How Our Eye Doctors Can Help Your Infant’s Vision

During an exam, our eye doctor can assess your infant’s vision to detect astigmatism, farsightedness, nearsightedness, and general eye health issues. An optometrist can help your child to develop:

Hand-eye coordination
Depth of perception
General coordination

Solutions for Childhood Vision Problems

Allow our doctors to accurately assess and enable your child’s vision to develop properly into adulthood. Proper vision supports learning, sporting activities, the pursuit of hobbies and special interests, and general recreation.

If your optometrist detects problems with your child’s vision and eye development, we’ll provide proven solutions. Whether that means using corrective lenses, eye exercises, or even eye surgery in extreme cases, your family eye doctor can help you to find the best care to help your child enjoy a clear view of the world into adulthood.

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