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Comprehensive Family Eye Care

Eyesight starts at birth but requires proper care and attention to ensure proper eye development and to give the best chance at a lifetime of good vision. A newborn child is a wonderful gift that requires nurturing and care to grow into a happy and healthy adult. The same goes for a newborn child’s vision. Your family eye doctor is a truly invaluable source for helping to ensure a lifetime of the best possible vision and eye health. If you and your growing family are looking for an experienced family eye doctor, give Optical Expressions in Phoenix and Scottsdale a try.


Many Types of Childhood Eye Care Needs

Vision is incredibly important for children’s development and ability to learn and do well in school. About one in four children suffer from vision issues that make it harder for them to learn. If your child cannot clearly see the materials presented during classroom lessons, he or she is in an extremely bad situation that could have truly lasting bad effects on your child’s development. An optometrist can assess your infant’s vision and eye development as early as just six months of age to help.

How Your Eye Doctor Can Help Infant’s Vision

Your eye doctor can assess your infant’s vision to detect astigmatism, farsightedness, nearsightedness, and general eye health issues. An optometrist can help your child to develop proper hand-eye coordination, depth of perception, and general coordination to ensure the best vision while growing up and entering adulthood.

Many Solutions for Childhood Vision Problems

When you enable the optometry to accurately assess and enable your child’s vision to develop properly into adulthood, you enable many great things. Proper vision supports learning, sporting activities, the pursuit of hobbies and special interests, and general recreation. When your optometrist detects problems with your child’s vision and eye development, a variety of proven solutions will help to provide the best vision going forward. Whether that means using corrective lenses, eye exercises, or even eye surgery in extreme cases, your family eye doctor can help you to find the best care to help your child grow into a happy adult with a clear view of the world.

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Optical Expressions provides comprehensive family eye care in the greater Phoenix and Scottsdale area. From birth through your senior years, your eyes undergo constant change. Your family eye doctor is your first line of defense against eye disease and other conditions that blur vision and lead to poor eye health and potential blindness. Our online scheduling tool lets you pick the day and time to see us.

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