5 Signs of Dry Eye and How to Treat it

When you suffer from dry eye, there are a lot of symptoms that you may experience. Dry eye can be irritating and painful, but there are treatments for it. If you haven’t had an eye exam in a while, it’s time to call on the eye doctor in Phoenix and Scottsdale. Call our office to schedule your vision exam.

Red Eyes

When your eyes are red, the culprit may be dry eye. The irritation and inflammation of the eyes can turn the eyes red. If your eyes are red, you can dry over-the-counter eye drops to try to lubricate your eyes and help with the redness. There are also prescription eye drops that you can get during your vision exam.

Strings of Mucus

It’s common to find strings of mucus on and around the eyes when you have dry eye. You may find your vision blurred because the strings are on your eye or you may find these strings in your eyelashes. Using a humidifier in the home can help to add moisture to the air and to your eyes.

Itching and Burning

When your eyes itch and burn, you may be suffering from dry eye. You may also have a stinging sensation. Using a towel moistened with hot water against closed eyes can help to provide some moisture and give you relief.

Gritty Feeling

You might have a gritty feeling in your eyes. You may feel as if there is something in your eye and feel like you have to get it out. Eye drops can help.

Blurry Vision

Dry eye can also cause you to have blurred vision. It’s common for the irritation and inflammation of dry eye to affect your vision. Getting your eyes lubricated with eye drops or a humidifier can help with this symptom.

Schedule a Vision Exam with Our Eye Doctor in Phoenix and Scottsdale 

If you have dry eye, you may need a vision exam from our eye doctor in Phoenix and Scottsdale. It’s important to talk to the eye doctor about the symptoms you are having so that the right treatment can be applied. Call us today for more information on dry eye or to schedule an eye exam.

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